Prevent landing gear malfunction

Technology | Positron Systems

Positron Systems' two new NDE technologies address many of the problems involved with the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft landing gear. Learn more about this process and how both IPA and PCA technology can be applied to the aerospace industry.

Power Generation
Increase operational lifespan of turbine blades

IPA Technology

Implementing a life extension program through a combination of repair and IPA testing could double the useful lives of the blades. Learn more about the benefitst to the operating utility and how this can create a significant cost savings through deferred replacement and a positive environmental impact due to reuse and reduction.


Non-destructive testing to improve fatigue behavior

PCA Technology

Both shot peening and cold expansion of fastener holes are time honored and accepted methods of improving the fatigue life of metallic components, and other, more advanced methods have been introduced as well. Cold working of metal alloys to create localized compressive residual stresses can greatly improve fatigue behavior, particularly in an area with a stress concentration. The primary reason is that in fatigue loading, compressive residual stresses effectively lower the mean stress state. Learn more about Positron Systems' PS6100 inspection system and how it can non-destructively evaluate metallic components that have been cold worked to induce compressive residual stress.