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Induced Phase Analysis (IPA)
Phase Contrast Analysis (PCA)
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To schedule materials testing in any of our US centers, please contact:

Positron Accelerator Lab
314 S. 6th Street
Boise, Idaho 83702, USA

For new testing applications, please contact:

Mr. Steven Laney
VP Business Development
PO Box 2020
Boise, Idaho 83701












Test Centers
Induced Positron Analysis and Phase Contrast Analysis centers

Technology | Positron Systems

Positron's primary test service center is in Boise, Idaho, USA. This center provides a full set of testing services using IPA (Induced Positron Analysis) technology. Our PCA (Phase Contrast Analysis) test service center is in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. A test center for IPA-S (surface test only) is under development in Chennai, India. These service centers receive materials for test, prepare testing reports and return materials to the customer. Each of our current test service centers develops new testing applications for customers.

More tests service centers will be developed through 2008. Some of these will develop new applications; other will service customers only.

Shipping Instructions
Shipping address for materials will be provided in testing contracts.
Shipments must be clearly marked as to customer and content.
Shipping containers must be sufficiently sturdy to be unpacked, repacked and return shipped without repair or modification.
Shipping must be prepaid in both directions unless otherwise contracted.

For any questions, please contact Manager - Customer Service at +1.208.429.9595


Development Centers
Aerospace Application

Technology | Positron Systems

The Test Development Center (TDC) is for customers who want to establish testing services for themselves and/or others - but who also wish to develop tests themselves under license.

- perform tests under license and support other TSCs
- perform licensed tests for others - not within customer organization
- develop new test applications for self or others
- technicians may be contracted from Positron or customers' own employees
- may operate any number of licensed tests at that location

- tests are performed at customer site
- tests are performed at customers' timing
- sell tests to others and maximize equipment usage
- proliferation of licensed tests within organization
- elimination of transit delays and costs
- may have multiple TSC Level I centers supported by primary center
- potential to develop joint intellectual property with Positron
- revenue generation through sales of licensed and developed tests
- reduced "per test" fees through quantity discounts

customer has a need to perform tests at their own location(s)
- customer is in the business of selling NDE services to others
- customer is in the business of developing new NDE services
- technical relationship with local University established
- qualified personnel are available at customer location
- personnel are certified for Positron tests and maintain their certification

full training on test theory, practice and procedures
- additional training for TSC Level II personnel to enable assistance with Level I TSCs updates for licensed tests
- available sales support and marketing materials
- access to global market for developed tests through Positron sales network
- 24 x 7 telephone support for software and hardware
- on-site consulting if required
- annual re-certification testing

Important Disclosures

Positron tests are covered by a number of intellectual property rights. These include US and International Patents, Copyrighted Software and Copyrighted Material.

Execution of positron tests for commercial users are subject to approval of various Departments of the US Governments, depending on the type of test. ITAR Regulations require that each user country must be approved by US Government.

Execution of positron tests for military materials are subject to approval of the US Government.

Test data is accumulated from all tests performed in order to improve the quality of data analysis and to provide software updates and improvements. All data maintained is anonymous.