Eliminating Structural Uncertainty

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Positron Systems is developing revolutionary technologies for the materials nondestructive testing (NDT) industry. Our NDT products and services serve a broad range of industries, including aerospace, defense, and power generation, where the integrity of structural components is essential.

Our inspection methods, Induced Positron AnalysisSM and Phase Contrast AnalysisSM, harness principles of nuclear physics to help resolve some of the most difficult and pressing challenges of our customers by finding material flaws at detection thresholds exceeding commonly employed techniques. This powerful suite of NDT tools enables myriad applications to determine component integrity from the point of manufacture to end-of-life.


Induced Positron Analysis (IPA)
A nondestructive inspection process with practical applications of metal allow conditions.

IPA Technology

The Induced Positron Analysis (IPA) nondestructive inspection capabilities are currently being developed and commercialized by Positron Systems. These methods, based on positron annihilation principles, are sensitive to variation in material microstructure at the atomic scale. This enables a highly sensitive means for many practical NDE applications of metal alloy condition such as cold working, heat treatment, operational damage, and manufacturing process effects, including differentiating the microstructure variations associated with phase changes.


Phase Contrast Analysis (PCA)
Superior imaging through the optimization of both absorption contrast and phase contrast.

PCA Technology

Phase Contrast Analysis (PCA) is a non-destructive evaluation method that utilizes advanced radiography. PCA involves a compact, mono-energetic x-ray source with tune-able energy that produces superior imageing through the optimization of both absorption contrast and phase contrast. This technology has very low radiation emissions and operates in a "shirt-sleeve" environment.